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Oracle ERP Cloud P2P Process Explorer

Connect Oracle ERP Cloud with Celonis IBC

In Celonis IBC we can analyse our Procure to Pay process and identify potential improvements and support the execution of these improvements. We can connect Celonis IBC to many systems. In this example we setup the connection between Celonis IBC and Oracle ERP Cloud for the Procure to Pay process.

Define Data Connection

In Celonis Event Collection we define a new connection to the Oracle ERP Cloud instance. We use the standard available connector to connect to Oracle ERP Cloud. The connector is already configured to use specific API’s in Oracle to extract the data.

Connection to Oracle ERP Cloud

We connect to the Oracle ERP Cloud instance with an integration user that has roles assigned in Oracle that allow extracting Procurement and Payables data via the standard API’s from Oracle.

Data Connection

Define Data Extraction

We define the data extraction and we see the API’s that are used by the connector. We configure the data to be extracted from Oracle ERP Cloud. Depending on the table we can define a creation date filter to limit the initial extraction and we can add a change date filter for delta loads.

Data Extraction

Define Transformations

The Oracle ERP Cloud connector in Celonis already contains a large number of transformations. We can define additional transformations depending on the requirements. In this example we only use the standard available transformations.


Define Data Model

We use the standard data model that is linking the activities table, the cases table and all the additional views or tables that contain additional information.

Execute Data Job and Data Model

We execute the data job and load the data model. We define a schedule to execute the data job once a day. The data job is extracting the data from Oracle ERP Cloud and performs the transformations. The data model load is loading the data into the Celonis process mining engine.

Data Job load

Process Analytics

Now we can start analyzing all the Procure to Pay process data from Oracle ERP Cloud in Celonis. We can use the process explorer, variant explorer and all other analytical options in Celonis to analyse the process.

Variant Explorer
Marcel Koolwijk

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