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How Does It Work


The basis for Process Mining are “event logs”. An event log contains information about the activities that have taken place for a case (for example a customer, service request or purchase order), when these activities took place and who did it. All the transactions in your Oracle ERP system contain the information that is needed to extract these kind of event logs. And the good thing is that all this information is already available so no additional logging, development or changes to your Oracle ERP instance are required. We can start right away with mining your processes.

The event logs are extracted from Oracle ERP. Once the event logs are extracted the mining can start! We use state of the art Process Mining tools like Celonis to automatically mine your processes based on the Event Logs from your Oracle ERP database. The first step in Process Mining is to discover the process. The discovered processes are validated by your organisation and improved. The discovered process already provides valuable information about your process.

The discovered process is the basis for further analysis like conformance checking and process improvements. Are the processes in Oracle ERP run the way they should? Is the actual process compliant with your internal procedures or are there unacceptable deviations? Where are the bottlenecks in the process and why do certain cases deviate from the standard process? Process Mining can give you the answers based on your real life data.