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Geocoding addresses with Google API

Geocoding addresses with Google API In Celonis IBC you have the Worldmap available as standard component. When you want to use this component you can choose to use the ISO country codes or the latitude and longitude coordinates. The country codes should already be available in the source application. For a more detailed view it […]
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Predict AP Invoice Payment day with Machine Learning

Predict AP Invoice Payment day with Machine Learning in Celonis There are many areas where Machine Learning can be used in Celonis to improve business processes. An example is improving the on time payment rate in the Accounts Payable process by predicting when the AP invoices will be paid. The predicted payment day can be […]
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Predicting your invoice process with Machine Learning and Process Mining!

With process mining alone you already gain great insight in your Accounts Receivable (AR) invoice process. All based on the data in your IT systems, like Oracle ERP Cloud. Machine learning adds the capability to predict the future. It adds the remaining activities for an open invoice, including the expected remaining duration until the invoice […]
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