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Process mining projects

Process Mining can give you valuable information about your process that is supported by Oracle ERP. During a process discovery and improvement project we can use the transactional data in Oracle ERP as input for Process Mining. The event logs that we extract from your Oracle ERP database are used to discover your process. This will give you a clear view of your current process based on your real life data. Depending on your needs we will do further analysis like lead time analysis, bottleneck analysis and resource analysis. A typical process mining project for Oracle ERP will contain the following steps:


The first step is to define your research requirements. What is the process that needs to be investigated, what are the research goals, what are the systems that can provide the data and who should be involved during the analysis? Based on this information we will specify the data that needs to be extracted.


We connect the process mining software to your Oracle ERP database to extract the event log data. The result of the extraction is an event log in the required format. If required we will merge these event logs with event logs from other applications. This will ensure a complete view of your process.


Your research requirements will determine what additional information is required for a proper analysis of the process. This additional information will be added to the data so it can be used by the Process Mining software. The additional information can come from Oracle ERP but also from other sources.


The data is loaded into Process Mining software. We use state of the art Process Mining software Celonis for the analysis. The process model will be generated fully automatically based on the information in the event log. These process models will be discussed with your process analysts. This we give additional insight in your process and will ensure a decent basis for the further analysis like lead time analysis and bottleneck analysis.


The results of the analysis phase will be discussed with your business analysts and improvement actions will be defined. When you implement the improvements we can monitor the results by extracting new data and compare these with the original data. This gives you instant insight in the results of your process improvements and allow for further actions when needed.